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2023_Columbia_MFAThesis_Floor8_1324 (1).jpg
Plates of Appearance, installation view, Wallach art gallery, New York 2023

Presenting plates from an ongoing archive of photo portraits, depicting varying appearances of a single figure. This photographic operation is realized in multiple formal approaches. From the traditional typological grid, to the monumental fashion spread, gelatin silver print portraits made out of language and soft architectural element made out of found objects from the artists' studio among other iterating forms. 
This project questions photography's affective conditioning of belief and desire, it interrogates the authority of visual representation, truth and knowledge and a confrontation with a history of the artist and their muse.  
Apearances, installation view
Conversation about Bondage - November 2021, digital photo 
Sit With It (desire plates series), 2023
Sit - February 2023, digital photo 
The Visit, 2023, inkjet print on archival paper, magnets, steel, tablecloth, rope and clothes pins. 9'3" x 5' 7" x 24.5"
Cannibal Carpet and New Neighbors, Installation view
Gravity and Grace, 2022, inkjets prints on archival paper, magnets, steel. 19" x 13" x 13"
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