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The eye (not the crevice in the skull), 2021, digital video, 1:29 min

A camera lens, confronts its operators gaze in a 90 second stand off, framed by a vibrant red vignette. The clicking sounds of the active autofocus motor, make audible a system that has a sens(or), the apparatus records itself.
This moving image is opening up the eye as a threshold of perception. Not merely a mirror, not a crevice in the skull, but residing in moments of false contradictions; a machine thinks, a human affected by their own image.
"The eye is not merely a mirror, but a correcting mirror. The eye should make it possible for us to correct cultural errors. I do not say the eyes, I say the eye, and there is no mystery about what that eye refers to; not to the crevice in the skull but to that very uniform light that wells out of the reds of Van Gogh" 

Frantz Fanon / Black Skin, White Masks
The eye (not the crevice in the skull), 2021
documentation of screening at ZAZ10 Times Square, New York 2021
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